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Our Brewery

At Moody Ales, we make Craft Beers for every day drinking. Beers you'll want to have more than one of. Quality, balanced, flavourful Craft Beers - brewed by hand on Brewers Row in Port Moody, BC by our amazing team.

Dan and I started Moody Ales to share our passion for Craft Beer with as many people as we could. We opened our doors in 2014 after spending the summer building our brewery with our own hands. Our passion for Craft Beer got us going, sharing that passion for Craft Beer with others keeps us going.

- Adam

Lounge and Patio

Tasting room photo

When we designed our lounge we had one thing in mind - provide our awesome community with a place to enjoy the fruits of our labour with their friends and their entire family. In addition to our core and seasonal brands, we take pride in offering a wide variety of unique and interesting small batch beers, often available only in the lounge. The folks that work in our lounge truly love all things craft beer related, just ask them! You may even find our brewers enjoying a pint after a long day of making beer.

You'll find room for over 100 people inside and about 85 on the patio. With up to 14 beers on tap, cider, wine, locally curated snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, we've got something for everyone. Kids are alway welcome inside and out and dogs are welcome on our patio anytime.

Our patio is located at the front of our building on the quiet end of Murray Street. Sit back, enjoy the sun and watch the wood chips fall across the street at the cedar mill. Make sure to stick around to catch the amazing sunset as the it disappears over Burnaby Mountain.

It's hard to find the dividing line between our lounge and our brewery, in fact part of our lounge doubles as production space during the week. You will be drinking beer in the same space as it's made - you really can't get closer than this. We are a production brewery so on any given day you'll get a glimpse into what goes on in a working brewery, the sights, sounds and aromas are what dreams are made of - well our dreams anyway!

The Founders

Founders' caricatures

Adam Crandall After a decade and a half in IT, I decided it was time to chase my dream of owning my own business, and what better way to do that than getting into the business of my passion for craft beer. Given the size of our brewery I wear many hats including sales, finance, overseeing the tasting room, sweeping the floors, crushing boxes, stamping envelopes and occasionally I get to brew a beer on our pilot system. I love designing recipes for new beers and tend to do this often. My epiphany beer was Deschutes Black Butte Porter - this is such a delicious beer and I'll never forget the first time I had it.

Dan Helmer Also transitioning from a career in IT, I am now the brew master at Moody Ales. Though new to the craft beer industry, I have been homebrewing for years. With an education in molecular biology and a process-focused approach, the transition from homebrewing small batches to producing high-quality craft beer on a commercial scale was challenging and fun, I attribute our early success of these beers to the amazing team at Moody Ales working tirelessly to get the beer from grain to glass.

The Brew Equipment

We are proud to say our new tanks were all manufactured right here in BC by Ripley Stainless, a family owned and operated plant in Summerland. We've combined their quality vessels with a BC built brewing system from Newlands Manufacturing.